Dr. Robert Traynor in his office as he sits down to record the bioaccess podcast
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Bioaccess Podcast

Earlier this summer I recorded an episode of the Bioaccess podcast with Julio G. Martinez-Clark, CEO of Bioacess™, a company that assists medical technology companies to access Colombia and other Latin American markets. The broad ranging talk ranges from my first work in Latin America, market trends here in the US, medical technology opportunities in Latin America, and noise induced hearing loss.

As for the biography information on the podcast, yes I founded Audiology Associates in Greeley 45 years ago, but I have since sold the practice and today work as a consultant, expert witness, speaker, author, and adjunct professor under the banner of Robert Traynor Audiology.

Listen to the Bioaccess podcast here.

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Robert Traynor

Robert Traynor is a clinical audiologist, industry consultant, expert witness, adjunct professor, and author.